International Spotlight

Trauma and Dissociation Work in South Africa

Prof Nicolene Joubert, Psychologist and Trauma Therapist

My “news” on trauma work in South Africa includes a brief picture of the current situation, with reference to some of my own experiences and work in the field of trauma counselling.

South Africa is a country with a history of political violence and politically related trauma as well as trauma resulting from challenging socio-economic circumstances (e.g. a high prevalence of unemployment and poverty and a high crime rate) and also from socio-psychological factors, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and a high divorce rate.

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International Spotlight

The Trauma and Dissociation Field in the UK: Reflections on the Last 3 Decades

Sue Richardson, Attachment-based Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, UK

(An earlier edition of this article was published in ESTD News, 2016. We thank ESTD for permission to publish this updated version.)

Introduction: Background history
In 1989 I found myself professionally isolated twice over. Firstly, as a result of being at the centre of the 1987 Cleveland child abuse crisis, in which the medical diagnosis of sexual abuse in 127 children led to a major public inquiry (Richardson and Bacon, 1991).

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International Spotlight

ISSTD Spotlight on Australia

Professor Warwick Middleton, ISSTD Immediate Past President

Of all current Australian members of the ISSTD, when I last checked, it seemed that I had been a continuous Society member for longer than anyone else bar one, which does tend to position one as an active participant in the field in this country, before there really was one.

Whilst there had been the occasional case report or anecdotal reference to Multiple Personality Disorder in the Australian medical literature, there had been no systematic research here into dissociative disorders until the early nineties.

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