Letter From The President

Welcoming a New Year

Dear ISSTD Community:

It is a pleasure to write as the incoming President of ISSTD for 2024, and I am fortunate to have Michael Salter as the Past President and Michael Coy, as the President Elect to bookend my presidency.  It’s comfortable to know I can rely upon their wisdom and experience to guide me as I assume the presidency role.  It is also reassuring that I have an excellent Board of Directors for 2024, with our returning members, Jill Hosey and Liz Chalenburg, entering their second term.  I also welcome Jennifer Gomez, Patti Van Eys, Elizabeth Davis, Krista Behrens and Graham Pringle, as new Board members.  I value the ISSTD Board for their support and guidance in the governance process.  I also look forward to working with Mary Pat Hanlin, our CEO, and her staff, who keep the wheels of ISSTD running smoothly.  And certainly, a big measure of thanks to all our volunteers who are teaching for the Professional Training Program, and serving as Committee and SIG Chairs, who make ISSTD what it is today.

2024 will bring the publication of the new ISSTD guidelines and provide us with current information about the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation.  I appreciate all the hard work that is happening from the contributors to the guideline development process.  In a world with so much trauma and chaos, our treatment approaches, informed by our consistent research, are needed more than ever.

It is my intention to use this monthly letter to keep everyone informed of what the Board is doing, and what events are happening within the ISSTD world that help everyone continue their important work in healing the trauma the encompasses the world. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,
Peter Maves