Community Spotlight

Website Committee

D Michael Coy, MA, LICSW, ISSTD Treasurer and Webmaster

We’re making great progress on the new website. What a project it has been! Hot off the presses, here are some updates:

  1. ISSTDWorld has been up and running since October 2018, and, even with the learning curve, it has really taken off. It offers opportunities for creating community within ISSTD that previously were beyond our grasp, as well as a brand new, public-facing Therapist and Treatment Facility Finder.
  2. During 2018, ISSTD’s various committees collaborated with Executive Director Mary Pat Hanlin, Program Manager Bethany Bjur, and the Webmaster (me) to overhaul pages from our existing site that fall within their focus. A small workgroup was then convened by me, which consisted of Student and Emerging Professionals (SEP) members Rachel Friedman and Shelley Hua, to ensure consistency in language usage, punctuation, etc., prior to the material making its way to the new site.
  3. SEP leadership is working to refresh the existing list of academic supervisors with a complex trauma/dissociation focus. This is a wonderful development, as, currently, this list is nearly impossible to locate. It will be featured prominently on the new site.
  4. The new site’s webpage templates were developed by HQ Staff and me in collaboration with the creative staff over the course of a couple of months during mid-2018, and the proofs were approved by the Board later in the year. The creative team is now in full swing creating the website; we actually have the ‘skeleton’ of the test website (it’s not yet ‘ready for prime time’) with some working links. Soon, we’ll begin to transfer material from our existing site to the new one.
  5. We’re refreshing our logo and color scheme, and they really are something to behold! As we moved more deeply into website development, it became increasingly apparent to us that something did not feel quite right. We realized that the new site needed something…so, we began to experiment with our existing logo and colors, and we found something that remains true to who we are—and also looks forward to where we’re going—as an organization.

We’re still on schedule for an initial rollout of the new site in March 2019, just in time for our 36th Annual Conference in New York, though we will continue to add features, such as an expanded resource area for the general public, throughout 2019. Stay tuned for more as the official rollout nears!