Letter From The President

The Functioning of ISSTD

As the result of assuming the Presidency of ISSTD this year, I have been looking at all the operating components of ISSTD and thought I would summarize how the various pieces come together. This is an organization that has grown steadily from its beginnings 30+ years ago as a professional society to advance the understanding of complex trauma and dissociative conditions, by providing training, research, and informed information to professionals and all those interested in the impact of trauma upon individuals and groups. ISSTD functions with a volunteer Board of Directors (with both elected and appointed members), a CEO and staff, an array of Committees with Chairs, and Special Interest Groups with Chairs. There is an Executive Committee comprised of the President, Vice President, Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and CEO. The Executive Committee meets bi-monthly to handle overall operating issues and prioritize issues for the monthly Board meeting. ISSTD’s Board holds a strategic function, developing three-to-five-year Strategic Plans. The 2024-2026 Strategic Plan covers seven areas: Diversify, Engage and Retain Members; Evaluate, Consolidate and Develop Education Programs; Establish, Strengthen and Lead Strategic Partnerships; Establish a Framework for the Allocation of Financial and Human Resources; Develop a Comprehensive Volunteer Recruitment, Retention, Recognition and Mentorship Program; Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy; and, Identify and Develop Compatibilities between ISSTD’s Mission and IDEA values (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access).

 As you can see, ISSTD has moved from essentially an entrepreneurial, start-up professional endeavor, to a well-functioning, strategically guided organization. We are in a good financial position thanks to the hard work of former Treasurers, Presidents, and our Finance Committee. Our volunteers are dedicated, highly competent and involved. It is going to be part of my focus as President to review how all the ISSTD components function, and together with ISSTD staff, ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible, with defined goals and objectives. We will be keeping you informed of Board functioning and issues, and I encourage you to attend the Annual Business Meeting at our 2024 Annual Conference to learn more about how your Society is managed and ask any questions you have about how your Society operates.

Peter A. Maves, ISSTD President