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Thank You to Our 2023 Donors

The ISSTD is an international, non-profit, professional society who seeks to advance clinical, scientific, and societal understanding about the prevalence and consequences of chronic trauma and dissociation. We do this by creating educational materials and providing opportunities for clinicians, researchers and students to learn from one another within the field of complex trauma and dissociation. 

Therefore, we are grateful to all who have donated to any of ISSTD’s funds. Our donors make it possible for ISSTD to grow as well as provide funding to support educational opportunities for ISSTD members, students, clinicians and researchers within the field of trauma and dissociation.

Donations specifically to the General Fund provide the means to expand ISSTD programming; this includes training, education, research, and member benefits. In recent years, money raised from the general fund has been used to introduce new technology platforms, grow online training offerings, expand student and emerging professional membership, and much more!

With the implementation of our new membership management system at the end of 2022, we are now able to accept “recurring donations” – much like your online subscriptions. Those who donate $15 or more on a monthly basis to the General Fund are now part of the ISSTD Mosaic Society, the name chosen from our naming contest.

ISSTD and The Mosaic Society honors these donors by passing out DID Awareness “mosaic” ribbon pins to wear at ISSTD events and the Annual Conference.

By donating to ISSTD, you will help the Society continue to grow. 

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Thank You to our 2023 Donors

General Fund
Joy Anasta
Eric Aronson
Diana Bartlett
Krista Behrens
David Beirne
Andra Bruce
Susan Burland
Christine Courtois
Elizabeth Chalenberg
Jonathan Cleveland
Rosita Cortizo
L Damgaard
Lisa Danylchuk
Charme S Davidson
Bruce Deveau
Johanna Dobrich
Alejandra Durango
Christine Forner
Mary E Kelly
Christa Kruger
Angela Fleck
Eleanor Fields
Brad Foote
Jeff and Elisabeth Foote
Brad Foote
Holly Forman-Patel
Hong Wang Fung
Jessica Garrett
Kathryn Gelinas
Anne Gill
Lisa Gillispie
Jennifer Gómez
Mark Grant
Edward Groenendal
Rich Hohfeler
Phil Harford
Brenda Hayes
HL Himes
Henry Hogan
Elizabeth Howell
Benjamin Israel
Finnja Janknecht
Connie Johnshoy-Currie
Peggy Kolodny
Mary Elizabeth Kelly
Jeanine Kelo
Susan Kiefaber
Wioleta Koziol
Freidel Kushman
Rebecca Lee
Cynthia MacLeod
Holly Maddy

General Fund Continued
River Malone
Elizabeth Marston
Kathryn Mas
Abigail Percifield
Sara Peykar
Kelly Rich
Casey Richman
Caroline Roop
Herbert Rosenfield
Lisa Schneider
Ericha Scott
James Seymour
Shielagh Shusta Hochberg
Jennifer Slaughter
Karen Sprinkel Ancelet
Kirsten Stach
Beth Steinberg
Dale Thomas
Laura Jeanne Thompson
Claire Toutant
Joan Turkus
Patti van Eys
Paula Thomson
Judeth Wesley
Sally Wood
Laura Widger
Joseph Yaskin

General Fund Mosaic Society
Nicole Black
Andra Bruce
Jonathan Cleveland
Lawrence Compagnoni
Coral Compagnoni
D. Michael Coy
Mary Hanlin
Jill Hosey
Susan Hykes
Sheldon Itzkowitz
Peter Maves
Michael Salter
Barbara Shaya
Valerie Sinason
Tally Tripp
Cheri Yadon

David Caul Graduate
Research Fund
D Michael Coy
Charlotte Creasey
Mackenzie Kinmond
Marilyn Lowrance
Education and Research Fund
Bethany Brand
Isabelle Brock
Christian Caputo
Deborah Clark
Lawrence Compagnoni
D. Michael Coy
Lynn Crook
Christine Forner
Holly French
Mary Hanlin
Brenda Hayes
Richard Hohfeler
Jillian Hosey
Elizabeth Howell
Joselito Libres
Kathia Lopez Murdock
Kate McMaugh
Natashia Mitchell
Rosalind Monahan
Laura Morris
Cheryl Nastasio
Steve Nester
Elaine Oswald
Jennifer Ratajczak
Kathleen Riley
Brian Robertson
Lauren Rudolph
gail shulman
Jacquelyn Smith
Marilee Snyder
Patti van Eys
Anthony Winter
Cheri Yadon

Fridley Fund
Julieann Barney
Joan Golston
Jillian Hosey
Frances Kelly
Joan Keltgen-Lo
Kate MuMaugh
James Nole
Kathleen Nowicki
Kirsten Stach
Joan Turkus
Richard Greenfield
Sheldon Itzkowitz
Rosalind Monahan
Valerie Sinason
Cheri Yadon

Goodwin Fund
Mary Clarke
Laura Hawkins