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Thank You to ISSTD’s 2022 Donors

By donating to ISSTD, you help the Society continue to grow. If you approve of what your Society has been trying to do to advance our field and to provide a safe and supportive professional home for colleagues who work with those who are the victims of severe long term trauma, and if your circumstances permit, any donation for any amount that you make to the ISSTD will, we assure you, contribute to making a positive difference.

We now have the option available to donate to any of ISSTD’s funds. More information about each fund is available on this page.


General Fund
Kathleen Adams
Kelly Haines Aguirre
Teresa Allen
Carol Black
Dee Blinka
Sean Burns
Christine A. Courtois
D. Michael Coy
Lynette Danylchuk
Garrett Deckel
Louise Dessertine
Irina Diyankova
Ellie Fields
Christine Forner
Jillian Hosey
Elizabeth Howell
Susan Hykes
Finnja Janknecht
Stephanie Johnson
Susan Kiefaber
Wioleta Koziol
Lisa Lewis
Rita Marmolejo
Warwick Middleton
Maxine Miller
Sarah Mills
Rosalind Monahan
Amy Mozolik
John O’Neil
Sandra Paulsen
Abigail Marie Percifield
Pamela Raphael
Richard David Rapoport
Christina Sanner
Kirsten Stach
Valeria White

David Caul Graduate Research Fund

Education & Research Fund

Fridley Fund
Lisa Danylchuk
You Tak Shing

Goodwin Fund
Rosalie Hyde