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Thank You to ISSTD’s 2020 Donors!

Thank you to everyone who donated to ISSTD in 2020!

By donating to ISSTD, you help the Society continue to grow. If you approve of what your Society has been trying to do to advance our field and to provide a safe and supportive professional home for colleagues who work with those who are the victims of severe long term trauma, and if your circumstances permit, any donation for any amount that you make to the ISSTD will, we assure you, contribute to making a positive difference.

We now have the option available to donate to any of ISSTD’s funds. More information about each fund is available on this page.


General Fund
Theresa Albini
Dee Blinka
Kathy Barclay
Ruth Blizard
Elizabeth Bowman
Sandra Buck
Courtnie Burke
Sheila Cahill
Angela Carillo
Gabrielle Case
Richard Chefetz
Nathan Chow
Lowen Clarke
Juliana Cocola
Rosita Cortizo
Todd Coryell
Christine Courtois
D Michael Coy
Doris D’Hooghe
Lisa Danylchuk
Lynette Danylchuk
Charme Davidson
Martin Dorahy
Patricia Doherty
Kristy Eldredge
Amanda Ellis
Walter Ferris
Ellie Fields
Brad Foote
Christine Forner
Michael Freeman
Deborah Galaska
Michelle Gee
Steve Gold
Pamela Gonzalez
Jean Goodwin
Brian Grant
Richard Greenfield
Edward Groenendal
Cynthia Grow
George Halasz
Joan Haliburn
Kate Hammon
Linda Heaviside
Kristen Henshaw
Katherine Hohback
Richard Hohfeler
Garry Holbrook
Jillian Hosey
Elizabeth Howell
Shelley Hua
Susan Hykes
Eileen Isaacson
Simone Jacobs
Sybil Johnstone
Barbara Kates
Phyllis Klein
Ricky Kriete
Ulrich Lanius
Shannon Leary
Rebecca Lee
Leone Legan
Barry Levy
JoAnn Majesky
Maritza Maraz
Kathleen M Martin
Adrian Masterman-Smith
Peter Maves
Susan Maxwell
Mary McDowell
Kate McMaugh
Warwick Middleton
Martha Miller Varisco
Andrea Mommsen
Amy Mozolik
Robert Muller
Cathy Neuhauser
Petra Neumann
Rosamond Nutting
Marianne O’Leary
Tatum Oleskowicz
Erdinç Öztürk
Jane Parker
Abigail Percifield
Dianne Pulsipher
Chris Rensch
Herbert Jay Rosenfield
Colin Ross
Nancy Rubin
Rawna Romero
Patricia Rush
Michael Salter
Jessika Sands
Bart Schofield
Harvey Schwartz
Albert Shepley
Valerie Sinason
Sonia Smuts
Kathy Steele
Melody Stiles
Gail Straw
Paula Thomson
Cara Tripodi
Tally Tripp
Joanne Twombly
Christine Vavro
Debbra Wagner
Jaime Wallace
Susan Wendelborg
Richard Westberry
Frank White
Scott Woerner
Roxanna Wolfe
Sally Wood
Cheri Yadon
Eva Teirstein Young
Virginia Zeeb
Joanne Zucchetto

COVID-19 Support Campaign
Adrian Connolly
Rosita Cortizo
D Michael Coy
Stephen DiJulio
Sheldon Itzkowitz
Mary Hanlin
Christa Kruger
Andreas Laddis
Dianne Pulsipher
Patricia Rush
Michael Salter
Jeff Schumacher
Melody Stiles
Gail Straw
Eva Teirstein Young

Education & Research Fund
Sylvia Solinski

Fridley Fund
Lawrence Compagnoni
Mary Pat Hanlin
Jillian Hosey