Letter From The President

Stepping Into a New Year

Dear ISSTD Community, 

As we step into 2022 I’d like to thank you for your continued efforts to contribute to the fields of trauma and dissociation, particularly over the past two years as we have all been faced with the myriad challenges posed by a global pandemic. Thank you for all you do to support healing and well-being in your surrounding communities. I hope you are also taking good care of yourselves, and that these difficulties at very least serve to highlight the value of your contributions.

The ISSTD Executive Committee welcomed two new members as we stepped into 2022; Abigail Percifield was elected to the role of Vice-President for a three-year term, and Michael Salter stepped into the role of President-Elect. Katie Keech was elected to continue on as Secretary, while D. Michael Coy continues to hold the office of Treasurer. We’ve also welcomed back two returning Board members, Valerie Sinason and Tally Tripp, while gaining five new members: Adithy, Nicole Black, Jonathan Cleveland, Elizabeth Chalenburg, and Benjamin Israel. Please join me in welcoming these new and returning leaders!

As our leadership grows, we have plenty to work on as we step into year two of our strategic plan. While we front-loaded many of our action items into the first year of the plan, we are in a good position to continue on and meet our second year goals in 2022. While the ISSTD’s management strategy used to allow plenty of room for spontaneous changes, we now have a dedicated path set with our strategic plan, with some policy and procedure woven in to account for smaller moments of inspiration.

Our 2022 annual conference is rapidly approaching, to be held in Seattle, March 30th through April 4th. Early bird registration rates are available through February 15th, and I hope you will be able to join us, either in person or virtually! Heather Hall has done an excellent job leading the Conference Committee and we have a stellar program to offer this year, complete with plenaries offered by Christine Courtois, Jullian Ford, and Lauren Lebois. 

The Treatment Guidelines revisions are underway, and although this is a massive undertaking, we are on schedule to publish these updates in 2023. We have added a new section for Transition Age Youth (TAY) and both the Adult and the Child and Adolescent DID Treatment Guidelines will be updated and reviewed by leaders across the ISSTD and beyond.

The ISSTD’s finances remain robust, thanks to the efforts of Past President and Treasurer Christine Forner and current Treasurer D. Michael Coy. As a result of their efforts the Board has also had opportunities to learn the inner workings of the Finance Committee by serving a rotation on the committee during the second-year term. In related financial news, we now have a Fundraising Committee, who will kick off their fun fund-raising with a raffle at the annual conference! Keep an eye out for tickets on site.  The ISSTD is also part of the AmazonSmile program which allows you to choose a charity to which Amazon will donate .5% of eligible purchases. This is a great way to support the ISSTD from afar, at no cost to you. If you are purchasing from Amazon, we encourage you to sign up! Simply visit, log in, and select ISSTD from the list of charities. 

The continued growth of the ISSTD is dependent on members getting engaged and included in the inner workings of the Society. Have you considered volunteering for a committee, or becoming a conference ambassador? Please feel free to contact me or Jill Hosey, Chair of the Member Engagement Committee, should you wish to become more involved. 

There is more to share and I will do my best to pass on all of the exciting news I can in each of these updates. I’d like to close with gratitude to each and every ISSTD member, to Rosita Cortizo our 2021 president for her graceful, compassionate leadership throughout 2021, to our staff Mary Pat Hanlin, Bethany Bjur and Kelly Rich for their dedication and skillful action, to the Executive Committee for their consistent efforts and to the Board of Directors for their generous contributions. Thanks to you, too, for your interest in and support of this wonderful organization!

Wishing you and yours health and well-being. 

Lisa Danylchuk, MEd, LMFT
ISSTD 2022 President