Letter From The President

Self Care and Networking Opportunities Within ISSTD

Dear ISSTD Community, 

I hope this message finds you & yours well. In the summer months here in the northern hemisphere, it’s common for folks to rest and bask in the sun a little extra. In recent years, the ISSTD offices have closed the week following the fourth of July holiday in the US in order to offer staff some much needed rest and replenishment.

As we continue to navigate the impacts of a global pandemic, I wonder, how are you? Have you had enough time to rest and recharge? As a trauma therapist myself, this is a question I try to always keep alive. Too often, the answer is no, and by virtue of commitment, global circumstance, and other factors, I find my battery running low. What do you do in these moments?

If you’ve been feeling impacted by the trauma and significant amount of processing happening around you – in your work, in your personal life, and in the world at large, I encourage you to connect with the ISSTD Vicarious Trauma and Resilience Special Interest Group. If you’re interested in using Creative Art Therapies with yourself and your clients, you may also be interested in the Creative Art Therapies Special Interest Group.

If you have your self-care worked out, congratulations to you! You might also be interested in our new Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Regional Online Communities (ROCs) that have just launched. They include the:

  • Psychoanalytic – Psychodynamic Special Interest Group
  • Neurodiversity & Dissociation Special Interest Group 
  • Eating Disorders Special Interest Group
  • Southern Regional Online Community

Members have access to additional resource and meetings through these SIGs and Regional OnlineCommunities, so if you’re not a member yet, I invite you to join us today and get involved! We’d love to see you in these communities, and at our in-person and virtual events coming this fall.

Wishing you well,
Lisa Danylchuk, M.Ed. LMFT
ISSTD 2022 President