Organizational Updates

Seeking ISSTD News Editorial Assistant

ISSTD News has been going on for many years and is one of your many membership benefits. This undertaking each month is led by our Editor, Kate McMaugh, and an Associate Editor. ISSTD is currently seeking a new Associate Editor for the ISSTD News! We are looking for someone who has a passion for writing and editing, and is well organized to assist with the monthly execution of the newsletter. 

This is a position with a paid stipend of $1,200 a year, paid in two installments, as well as complimentary registration for any training, webinar, or conference (with the exception of ISSTD EMDR Therapy training and PTP classes), and a paid yearly membership. 

Interested members in this position are encouraged to apply by emailing a current CV and including any past writing samples to for consideration. If you are interested and have any questions, please contact membership and we are happy to answer any questions or setup a meeting to go over the position in more detail. Applications are asked to be submitted via email by March 20th. 

POSITION TITLE: ISSTD News Associate Editor

REMUNERATION: ISSTD will provide the Associate Editor with a stipend of $1,200 paid twice per year in increments of $600, in June and December. ISSTD will file the appropriate IRS forms for this stipend for the prior year annually.

ISSTD will provide the Associate Editor with complimentary registration at any ISSTD conference and for any ISSTD training, webinar, etc, with the exception of the ISSTD EMDR Therapy Training. 

ISSTD will provide the Associate Editor with annual membership dues beginning while both parties continue this agreement and ending when either party terminates the agreement.

Job Description:
Under the direction of the ISSTD News Editor and ISSTD staff, the Associate Editor will: 

  • Assist the Editor with ensuring articles are submitted according to the editorial calendar
  • Oversee and manage column(s) as assigned by the Editor, including but not limited to: providing contributor guidelines to potential authors; ensuring authors submit drafts in a timely manner; editing article drafts
  • Keep the Editor apprised of any difficulties or urgent issues related to articles under the Associate Editor’s purview
  • Assist with setup and coordination of a clinical article feature, including the establishment of a review board for clinical articles 
  • Post final article versions in ISSTDWorld Community for staff to post on the News site
  • Collaborate with Editor to ensure timely submission of Annual Report for ISSTD News
  • Attend Zoom (video call) meetings as needed with ISSTD staff and Editor

Other related duties may be assigned as needed. 

This agreement is for one year and renewable annually. Either party may terminate the relationship at will, without cause, at any time, as long as there is no violation of applicable federal or state law with 30 days notice.

Regular feedback and evaluation of performance will be provided by the Executive Director. ISSTD welcomes feedback to the executive director about the projects assigned and communicated, and is open to adjustments recommended that would enhance or improve these projects.