Regional Online Communities

Ontario Regional Online Community (ROC) Update

In 2020, the ISSTD launched Regional Online Communities (ROCs) as an exciting new member benefit. During this time, a group of therapists and researchers in Ontario, Canada joined together to form the very first ROC, which has been meeting monthly for almost a year! While the ROC started out with just under 20 members, it continues to grow with 32 members across the province of Ontario, Canada. This community has served as a wonderful way to remain connected and informed during what feels like such a disconnected year, with members utilizing this resource community in the way that best fits their needs and availability. 

During the past year, the ROC has worked together to brainstorm and plan an upcoming ISSTD 2021 Regional Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, share research and news in the field of trauma and dissociation, connect with each other to learn and grow, build local referral sources and networks, and explore the ways in which clinical practice has changed with a shift to online work during the covid-19 pandemic. Recently the Ontario ROC has begun learning together through shared articles and books, as a means of exploring how to bridge theory into practice. What seems notable is how the ROC offers ISSTD members to connect, network, learn, and build community with other ISSTD members in their region.

For members looking to create community with other local ISSTD members, forming an ROC is a worthwhile route to take and can be flexible to meet the needs and availability of members! To form an ROC, a minimum of six ISSTD members are required, and a region can be small and localised, or cover a larger region, depending on the needs of your community. Members of an ROC can use this forum to network, study a book or article together, participate in an online training event, and so much more. For more information on setting up an ROC and the application, please visit this page.