Virtual Book Club

Next Virtual Book Club with Lynette Danylchuk & Kevin Connors Kicks Off September 11

Greetings to all ISSTD members!

Beginning on Monday September 11, we will embark on a discussion of a new book by Lynette Danylchuk and Kevin Connors entitled “Treating Complex Trauma and Dissociation: A Practical Guide to Navigating Therapeutic Challenges.” Our discussion will be four weeks in duration ending on Sunday October 8.

The book itself reads like a guide with explicitly distilled wisdom and pragmatic tools ranging from theory to treatment. They also plunge into the practicalities of engaging with the complicated and unexpected conundrums often encountered in work with complex trauma and dissociative disorders. Our discussions will allow even further explications of this handy reference book.

We think you will find this book eminently readable and succinctly wise (read practical) for both the newbie and the seasoned trauma therapist by these two very down to earth authors. Of course both will be with us in our discussions, and if you don’t know them already, they are two people as delightful to be with as they are smart and articulate about the subject matter. We are thrilled they have taken the time and effort to put this book together, and to join us in open discussion.

So please be sure and respond to the invitation you will be receiving soon and join us for what is sure to be a lively four weeks!

ISSTD Virtual Book Club Co-Moderators
Rick Hohfeler, Joan Haliburn and Garrett Deckel