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News You Can Use – July 2022

ISSTD Fellow, Dr Ericha Scott has contributed a chapter to a new edited collection of writings, Women Who Dream. This is a collective effort of 30 authors who share their stories of how they have turned their dreams into reality. The book aims to inspire and empower people to have big dreams. Women Who Dream is now a #1 international bestseller in six countries.

Ericha’s chapter entitled ‘Transformational, Love, Letters, Poetry and Art’, draws on her extensive experience in using visual art and writing to enhance personal growth and transformation. It includes easy directions for a step by step process that people can follow at home, on your own time.

Ericha says, “I first presented a creative arts psycho-educational workshop about dissociative ego-state systems for ISSTD, at a national conference in 1991. After facilitating love letter workshops over the years, for hundreds of people, I have learned that ‘People have more grief about unexpressed love, than profound trauma’. I have also learned that ‘Love may be a secret that you do not know you are keeping.’”

She reflects about her own dreams, “A dream I have, is to initiate research regarding the efficacy of writing love letters. While there is significant research about love, marriage, and attachment – there is very little research – maybe none – about the benefits or liabilities of writing love letters. Just before I wrote this book chapter, the publisher asked me, “What is your dream?” I responded with, ‘I would like to offer creative arts and love letter writing workshops all over the world.’”

The book is available from Amazon here:

A related note, Ericha is also offering creative arts intensives at her studio office in Malibu for people from all over the world. She says that, “A multimodal creative and expressive arts intensive is a perfect way to address the somatization of painful, even horrific, life experiences in order to foster cognitive, spiritual, emotional and autonomic nervous system release. Once these energies are freed, they may be used to shape new life goals and dreams.”

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