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News You Can Use: February, 2024

The Problems of Complex Trauma Therapy

In the modern world, quick-fix methods often overshadow intricate psychodynamics. In contrast, The Problems of Complex Trauma Therapy goes beyond surface-level tools and techniques and urges us to look deeper into the process – the origins of our struggles, and the profound impact of carrying them. This book delves into the nuanced complexes that gives rise to our struggles, examines why we repeat relational patterns, and explores how we heal our relationship with the past. By skillfully weaving together classical theory and practical wisdom, Dr. Christensen challenges the conventional nature of therapy, inviting readers to discover the very essence of their emotional landscape. This book can be ordered here.  

Welcome to ISSTD’s New Members in February

Professional Members
Allen Snyder
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Laura McKenna
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Kathleen Young
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Leah Clement
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Cindy Guzman

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