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News You Can Use – December, 2023

A ‘Must Have’ Guide to the Assessment of Dissociation

ISSTD Fellow Dr Bethany Brand has written an essential guide to the assessment of trauma related dissociation, The Concise Guide to the Assessment and Treatment of Trauma-Related Dissociation. This book provides an overview of trauma-related dissociation, issues around misdiagnosis, methods for assessment, and guidance on treatment planning. Because the bulk of the chapters focus on assessment this book meets a real need in the field.

Trauma-related dissociation is a symptom in a range of psychiatric disorders and is often associated with severe symptomatology and dysfunction, yet it can be successfully resolved if recognized and appropriately treated. Trauma-related symptoms and disorders are often overlooked or misunderstood by mental health professionals. Failure to correctly diagnose and treat trauma-related dissociation can lead to prolonged suffering and less-than-effective treatment.

This book addresses the lack of adequate training and knowledge about trauma-related dissociation by providing a systematic overview of methods for assessing it and a discussion of using assessment results to guide treatment planning. It provides a concise overview of conceptualizations of TRD and the reasons it is often overlooked or misdiagnosed, psychological disorders in which TRD is a key symptom, etiological theories of dissociation, the application of assessment data in treatment planning, issues specific to treatment of children and adolescents, and more topics that are imperative to understanding trauma-related dissociation.

In addition to chapters written by Dr Brand this book contains forewords by leaders in the field Anne De Prince, Ann Chu, John Briere and Frank Putnam. There is also a special chapter on the assessment of child and adolescent dissociative disorders written by Amie Myrick and Joy Silberg. Appendices contain copies of essential assessment tools and resources.

This book can be purchased from most good bookshops including at Amazon or the APA.

New Book Integrates EMDR and Creative Arts Therapy.

This book guides therapists trained in EMDR in the successful integration of the creative arts therapies to make the healing potential of EMDR safer and more accessible for patients who present with complex trauma.

Contributors from the respective fields of creative and expressive arts therapies offer their best ideas on how to combine EMDR with these therapies for maximum benefit for people from diverse backgrounds, orientations, and vulnerable populations. The book is co-edited by ISSTD member Elizabeth Davis and members of ISSTD’s Creative Arts SIG feature prominently among the contributors. For example, Elizabeth contributes an opening chapter outlining a model for supporting complex trauma treatment through integrating creative arts therapies. Our dear, and sadly recently departed, Board Member, Tally Tripp contributed a chapter on integrating art therapy and EMDR. Peggy Kolodny has contributed a chapter about the interweave of Internal Family Systems, EMDR and Art Therapy. However these are just a few of the many chapters in the book, which covers case studies and images, insightful theoretical approaches, and how-to instructions to creatively enhance clinical work. Creative arts therapy practitioners such as art therapists, play therapists, and dance/movement therapists will find this a compelling introductory guide to EMDR.

The book is widely available in good bookstores including on Amazon and through the publisher Routledge.

Welcome to ISSTD’s New Members in December!

Professional Members
Ashley Rooks
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Professional Members Continued
Pauline Bergstein
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Student Members
Anthony Boiardo
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Emerging Professional Members
Demica Pusch
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