News You Can Use

News You Can Use

IFS for Trauma and Dissociation

ISSTD Member, Joanne Twombly has written a new book about the use of IFS in the treatment of trauma and Dissociation. Published in January,  Trauma and Dissociation Informed Internal Family Systems: How to Successfully Treat C-PTSD, and Dissociative Disorders is available in paperback and kindle versions.

Readers will learn in-depth information about Internal Family Systems (IFS), as well as information about the diagnosis and treatment of clients who have complex trauma and dissociative disorders. The book aims to integrate the known information about treating complex trauma and dissociative disorders into the framework of standard IFS. This book will be of great benefit in assisting IFS therapists in treating traumatised and dissociative clients.

The book covers a range of topics including:

  • Strategies to strengthen and support the “managers’ ability to manage”
  • Coping skills and affect management for all parts, so that clients can go through the healing process while protecting their daily functioning
  • The use of basic hypnotic language to enhance the impact of the basic IFS process and
  • Helpful ways of conceptualizing this therapy

Copies of the book are available at Amazon.

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