News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Trauma Tool Kit online class and book club starting soon!

ISSTD Member Susan Pease Banitt will be facilitating a Trauma Tool Kit online class and book club starting Monday, March 7, which will be held across 7 weeks. This class is a great resource for clients and professionals alike to gain tools for healing the manifestations of trauma in the body/mind based on Susan Pease Banitt’s award-winning book The Trauma Tool Kit: Healing PTSD From the Inside Out (Quest 2012). It is a wonderful adjunct to therapy as participants gain and rehearse tools in a workshop format. And it’s fun! This is not a psychotherapy group; triggering material is avoided.

The book club has had some great reviews:

“The Trauma Toolkit book club was so much more than a book club for me.  Each week I looked forward to coming to a safe space to share, learn, listen, and grow together with a group of such wise individuals.  Susan has a way of connecting with each of us and inviting us to share and contribute, even when talking about some of the most sensitive topics.”  Simone Levine, Latitudes Program Director, Carpe Diem Education

For more information and to register go here

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Aili Arisco
Maryam Ashkan
Joanne Barron
Sarah Rachael Butler
Margaret Conley
Liz Coventry
Anne DePrince
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Nicole Gilbert
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Natalie Besmehn
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Cheryl Elizabeth Merrell
Molly Miskiewicz
Natashia Mitchell
Lee Ring
Hunter Romano

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