News You Can Use

News You Can Use

‘Wordless Book’ tells a story of Refugee Trauma

ISSTD Fellow Valerie Sinason is co-author of a novel new book, a book without words. A Refugee’s Story is a graphic story, with each page containing a scene following a refugee family as they flee war, are separated, arrive in a new country, and are eventually re-united.

Wordless stories are especially important for people who may not be able to read, or do not speak English. This book has an especially important role for refugees who have an intellectual disability, which can make processing written or spoken language more difficult.

The book comes with some helpful suggestions about how to use it, as well as some ideas of how to support refugees.

A Refugee’s Story is published Books Beyond Words, a UK charity created by Baroness Professor Sheila Hollins to assist people with intellectual disability. Books cover a huge range of topics including sexual abuse, being mugged, hygiene and going to the doctor. After the theme of the story is agreed, an artist provides the rough drawings. These are then trialled by people with a disability to ensure they understand the pictures. After this, final changes are made and then the book is produced. Valerie is also coming-author for Jenny Speaks Out and Bob Tells All, which are about male and female abuse, Susan Growing Up, which is about having a period, and other books including Mugged, Going to Court, and Going to Therapy.

Unlike most books we highlight in News You Can Use, this book is actually a work-in-progress, but also still able to be used in its current form. It has been made available for free for anyone who works with refugees and can be ordered in PDF form here.

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