News You Can Use

News You Can Use

New Book Explores Trauma and Memory

ISSTD Fellow Valerie Sinason is co-editor of a new book Trauma and Memory: The Science and the Silenced, published this month by Routledge. Trauma and Memory explores many facets of trauma memory and the concept of ‘false memories’, including exploring the damage caused internationally by false memory groups and ideas.
Contributors to this book include many ISSTD members who are leading professionals from the field of criminology, law, psychology and psychotherapy, along with survivor-professionals. Lynn Crook writes about the stories the media missed. Ruth Blizzard and Valerie Sinason re-examine the lost-in the-mall study and ask ‘Were “false memories” created to promote a false defence?’ Winja Buss evaluates false memory and Michael Salter discusses finding a new narrative in response to ‘false memory’ disinformation. These are just a few chapters in an edited collection that promises to be a valuable resource for ISSTD members of all disciplines.

Order your copy from Routledge.

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