News You Can Use

News You Can Use

ISSTD Member authors two new Chapters on Trauma and Addiction ISSTD Member Ericha Scott, PhD, has just published two book chapters in the integrative medicine text: Integrative Addiction and Recovery, edited by Shahla Modir and George Munoz. Ericha, who has previously had her creative works published in ISSTD News Creative Space, writes – as lead author – one chapter entitled Three Dynamic Healing Modalities for the Treatment of Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders: Aromatherapy, Equine Therapy and Creative Arts Therapies. The chapter introduces three widely divergent treatments that have been found to be useful by culturally disparate clinical populations. She contributes a further subchapter regarding the application of creative arts therapies in the treatment of addiction and trauma: Creative Arts Therapies: An integrative modality for addiction and trauma treatment. This focusses on a case study of a man who had a history of multiple overdoses, suicide attempts, self-mutilation, extreme piercings and near death experiences. The case is presented through his art, poetry and journal writing. In addition Ericha is the lead author of an additional chapter with Munoz: Integrative approaches to healing in the treatment of addictive behaviors. This chapter reviews the historical problems treating addiction when it has been misperceived by the medical profession as a moral problem versus an illness. The problems of primary and secondary medical issues are addressed, which includes addressing trauma, as well as fostering emotional wellness and spirituality. Integrative Addiction and Recovery comprehensively covers a wide variety of holistic and conventional approaches to the treatment of substance abuse and behavioral addictions, including substance abuse, trauma, food addiction, gambling and shopping. Relapse prevention strategies are also explored. The book is available from Amazon. Remember to use Amazon Smiles to raise money for ISSTD!

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