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New Novel by Valerie Sinason is Full of Suspense

ISSTD Fellow Valerie Sinason is well known to us for her work in treating traumatised and dissociative individuals, as well as her work treating people with intellectual disability. Valerie was the Founder Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies until December 2016 when she retired from long-term clinical work. Although she continues with writing, supervision and short-term assessment work, it seems she has freed up time to undertake some creative writing.

The Orpheus Project, published in October, is a thriller that tells the story of a cult-type group made up of powerful VIP abusers attacking vulnerable people, while exploiting their dissociation. It follows the story of a young woman with Down Syndrome who makes the initial accusations, the struggles of the health service trying to manage the fall-out, and the relationship between the young woman and her mother as they seek recovery. The book is available at Amazon and many other booksellers. To order see here.

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