Letter From The President

Mid-Year Updates from ISSTD

15 Mid-Year Accomplishments + 5 Highlights You Want to Know About

What a productive 2021 year it has been. It started with the implementation of many new strategic goals, several innovative activities, and has continued to evolve successfully with sustained growth in the areas of international membership and finance.   

Top 15 events we must celebrate:

  1. The first Asia-India ISSTD remote Membership Informational Meeting had more than 100 participants from India, and resulted in several new members                                                                            
  2. The Spanish Virtual Conference Tracks are completely full                                                                                    
  3. We have two new Regional Online Committees, and two more are forming                             
  4. The new Transgender and Inpatient Hospital Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are active
  5. We continue to maintain financial discipline, responsibility, and successful growth
  6. There has been remarkable Webinars’ registrations, attendance, and interest
  7. Professional Trauma Programs (PTP) continue to gain increased participation
  8. The ‘Awareness DID Day’ Webinar for the public was a well-attended event 
  9. The inspirational “Poets Corner’ was launched
  10. December will mark the second anniversary of ISSTD independent management
  11. A Vice-president’s position was created, and Tally Tripp is our first Vice-president
  12. The ISSTD launched a three-year strategic plan (2021-2023)
  13. Welcomed a new staff member in January, our Education Manager
  14. Forming an International Task Force  
  15. Launching a much-needed Online Learning Center  

5 ISSTD Highlights you want to know about:

  1. The 2022 ISSTD Annual Conference proposals registration is now open
  2. We are finally, returning to face-to-face conferences in 2022, and next year our Annual Conference will be in Seattle, WA
  3. Seattle’s top 25 Attractions: Don’t miss the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum which is dedicated to the work and career of locally born, world-renowned glassblower Dale Chihuly, who was introduced to the craft while studying at the University of Washington. It is the most comprehensive collection of his art to date, with interior galleries featuring a variety of his work in the medium. The pièce de résistance is the glasshouse, with a vibrant 100-foot-long sculpture in hues of red, orange, and yellow suspended from the ceiling.
  4. September is the Suicide Prevention Month
  5. Also, September is the ISSTD Student and Emergent Professionals (SEP) month


Spanish Corner:

 “Es imposible establecer un diálogo real con quien no te considera un igual”
 ― Lydia Cacho, México

English Translation:

“It is impossible to establish a real dialogue with someone who does not consider you an equal”
 ― Lydia Cacho, Mexico