Membership Monthly: SIGs and ROCs

What are your interests within the field of trauma and dissociation? Did you know that ISSTD members have access to an online community? You may know of the ISSTD Member Forum in ISSTDWorld, but did you know that there are also smaller, more specific groups that actively meet virtually to discuss common interests and topic areas, as well as to share resources? These groups are called Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Regional Online Communities (ROCs). ISSTD currently has twelve SIGs and six ROCs within ISSTDWorld. These groups are free for members to join and have been created by members brought together by similar interests or geographic regions.  

SIGs host:

  • Presentations    
  • Meetings about new research from established researchers and students   
  • Interaction with smaller groups

ROCs help you:

  • Connect with members of your geographical location    
  • Interact specifically with individuals in your area about local topics and concerns
  • Feel less isolated and more connected with others within your community

Everyone, member or non-member, can learn more about the current SIGs here and the current ROCs here.

If you are an ISSTD member and would like to join a SIG or ROC, you can do so by clicking on the Member Resources Tab under Online Communities in ISSTDWorld. Click on the group you are interested in joining and look for the email address for the secretary of this group. Send them a quick email, and they will be happy to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and help you get connected with the group!

Don’t see an ROC that fulfills the geographical area in which you live?

  • Volunteer to submit an application to open an online community
  • We are looking for volunteers to help start ROCs in:
    • North and British Columbia Canada Region          
    • Quebec and Atlantic Region Canada            
    • Northeast USA

If you have any questions or aren’t sure about next steps in getting involved with a SIG or ROC please email, and staff will be happy to assist you. We hope to see you joining a SIG/ROC within your interest area or location soon!