Volunteer Opportunity Spotlight

ISSTD University/School Database Project

This month’s Volunteer Position Spotlight shines on an opportunity to assist with ISSTD’s University/School Database. This opportunity may particularly suit our Student and Emerging Professionals Members.

ISSTD requires a volunteer to assist with the establishment of a database of all university, school and training programs which focus on trauma. This database will be used to assist with marketing of ISSTD conferences and other educational programs. In addition, it will be helpful in marketing the Student and Emerging Professional Program to students.

The database will be broken into USA state lists, and volunteers will be assigned a state or area to work on, requiring them to research what is available and to enter the information into the database. The list will include information about the course, details of the organizers and contact information for the director/organizer of training etc. More information will be provided by the SEP Committee leadership who will brief volunteers on the specific information required.

This project is ongoing and can be done in your own time. Average hours for a state are 2-3 hours initially and hours reduce as you become accustomed to the task.

Please note that this database will include all the states of America and then expand to Canada and other countries as volunteers become available. Volunteers often assist for their region.

If you are interested in this project click here to apply