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ISSTD Launches New Online Learning Center Featuring 400 Hours of Content!

ISSTD is thrilled to launch the new Online Learning Center! Featuring just under 400 hours of recorded content, this platform provides one easy place for ISSTD members and event participants to access all of their content and complete their CE evaluations all in one system. This project has been under development for quite some time and thanks to the hard work of ISSTD Staff, the Board of Directors, and a number of volunteers, it is finally a reality! ISSTD is thrilled to provide this resource to its members and event participants and continue to expand our library of available content. 

Creating Your Account
To create your account please complete the following steps. 

  • Visit this page
  • Complete all required information to create your account
  • After completing all required information and entering the CAPTCHA click the button that says “Create new account”
  • After creating your account you will receive an email with a link to create your password​​

All users must create a new account in this system as your ISSTD login will not automatically transfer over. If you have participated in one of the following events you will already have an account in the system:

  • ISSTD Professional Training Program course that has begun since May 2021
  • EMDR Therapy Training beginning in September 2021
  • ASCH Hypnosis Training in October
  • 2021Toronto Regional Conference in October 2021

Please note that you must use the email address associated with your ISSTD account in order to ensure that access to content is correctly assigned. This will be the email address at which you are receiving this message.  Access to

Previously Purchased Content
Access to recordings of past ISSTD webinars and conferences has been added to your account based on your registration history. To access this content please follow the instructions below. Visit this page. Click on the title of the webinar or conference session you wish to accessFollow the instructions in the FAQ for Accessing Course Materials to view contentPlease note that the system does not account for recordings you may have already viewed. All recordings that you have access to will show under the Pending Activities section. If you believe there is something you should have access to that you do not see please email

Card Catalog/Searching
The Online Learning Center has two options for viewing the catalog. The Course Card Catalog shows all available courses/recordings with helpful images based on the type of content. The Catalog table simply shows a list of everything available for registration. In both catalog options you can refine your search by specific options found on the right hand side of the screen. Below is a brief description of these areas. 

Credit Types
This offers the option to search by what type of credit is available on the course. The types of credit are: APA (American Psychological Association), ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) and ISSTD Certificate Program Credit. 

This offers the option to narrow your search based on content/learning level, type of program, and whether the course is free to members. 

This offers the option to search by the specific type of content including different types of recordings, packages, Regional Conferences, and whether the content is live or enduring (recorded) content. Sell Price
This offers the option to search by a maximum price. 

Previous Certificate Program Credit
ISSTD has conducted an import of past Certificate Program credit so that it reflects in your account in the Online Learning Center. To see you past Certificate Program credit please follow the instructions below. Click on My Account in the menu across the top of the screenClick My Activities from the tabsClick Completed ActivitiesYour past Certificate Program credits will be reflected under the title “Certificate Program Historic Credit”Please note that only your total number of credits will show and not the individual trainings you attended. These credits will only reflect courses/trainings that you have fully complete. Please note that the 2018-2021 Annual Conferences are not currently reflected in these totals. If you believe you have credits missing please email

ISSTD has worked to create some Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in navigating the new system. The FAQs can be found by clicking “FAQs” in the top navigation bar from any page of the Online Learning Center. There are currently two different pages for the FAQs.

System Navigation
This page provides additional instructions on creating your profile, registering for a course, exploring available courses, cancellation, and accessing course materials. We plan to add additional information to this page including screenshots and video instructions. 

Content/Learning Levels
This page defines the content/learning levels as determined by our Continuing Education approving boards. This information will help you determine which content is appropriate for your learning. 

A number of packages are available in the Online Learning Center. Currently the majority of these packages are based on purchasing an entire event such as the 2020 Webinar Pass or the 2020 Annual Conference. These packages provide a discount for purchasing all of the content included. In addition to these we will also be developing a number of packages based on content/learning level. Currently we have one of these packages available, the Beginning/Introductory Content Package. This package is designed for those new to the field and covers a variety of topics. We anticipate adding one additional content package per month for the first year of the system. To view a list of all packages available in the catalog click here. Please note that the package for the 2021 Full-Year Webinar Pass only includes access to the recordings of the webinar. Registration for the live webinars still scheduled for the rest of 2021 is available on this page

Discounts are available in the system in a number of different ways! 

Member Discounts
ISSTD Members receive discounted rates for all recorded content from 2019 to present. Please allow up to 48 business hours after creating your account for your member status to be updated to reflect the correct prices. 

Student & Emerging Professional Discounts
Students and Emerging Professionals receive additional discounts on all content except Professional Training Program courses. During the registration process you will be able to identify your status as a Student or Emerging Professional. Definitions of Student and Emerging Professional are available during the registration process as well.  

Tier Discounts
ISSTD’s Six Tier system for membership discounts also includes discounts to recorded content, virtual conferences, webinars, and more! Discounts are available for those in Tiers II-VI. The discount amount is listed below. If you are located in one of the countries in these Tiers please contact for a discount code. The list of countries in each Tier is available here

  • Tiers II & III – 25% off
  • Tiers IV & V – 50% off
  • Tier VI – 75% off

Please note that this discount cannot be used on Professional Training Program courses. 

Member Free content
All content prior to 2019 is now available free of charge to ISSTD Members! This content includes over 60 hours of trainings from presenters such as Kathy Steele, Richard Loewenstein, Richard Kluft, Martin Dorahy, Bethany Brand, and more! To view the entirety of the content that is currently free to members please click here. Additional content will be made free to members each year going forward. Not currently an ISSTD Member? Join before November 30, 2021 and you will receive a coupon for a free recorded 90 minute webinar of your choice from 2019 to present. To receive the coupon please email after joining and staff will provide the code!

Continuing Education
ISSTD now holds its own continuing education approvals for both APA and ASWB. Credit approvals for individual courses will be clearly indicated on the Important Training Information tab for each course as well as the Accreditation tab. Continuing Education credits are included at no additional cost for all recorded content from 2019 to present. Content from prior to 2019 is only eligible for ISSTD Certificate Program credit. Additional fees may apply to receive continuing education credit for live events such as regional or virtual conferences. If you have any questions about navigating the system please contact ISSTD at