Letter From The President

ISSTD Joining Together for Melbourne Conference

Dear ISSTD Community, 

Current President Lisa with past and future presidents at the Melbourne ISSTD conference. From Left Colin Ross, Warwick Middleton, Martin Dorahy and Michael Salter

As we enter the holiday season and begin to look back on 2022, I am extremely proud of the progress the ISSTD has made through difficult times. Just a few short weeks ago, our Australia & New Zealand Conference Committee was able to bring to fruition our Melbourne Regional Conference, which was delayed and rescheduled due to Covid-19 countless times. At the conference, we learned about the interpersonal and well as the systemic and global impacts of trauma we continue to reckon with. I left feeling proud to be a part of this group of professionals who are dedicated to pursuing healing in the face of deep challenges. 

As I wrap up this year, I feel immense gratitude for the honor and privilege of leading this organization through 2022. It has been a year of excitement, with the return to in-person events, and struggle, as we continue to cope with the impacts of the Covid-19 global pandemic, along with environmental crises and the ongoing impacts of child maltreatment and abuse. Each member and volunteer within this organization is doing incredibly challenging and important work, and I am in awe of your dedication. Thank you for being involved with the ISSTD, and I am wishing you well throughout this holiday season.


Lisa Danylchuk, M.Ed. LMFT
ISSTD 2022 President