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Inpatient Special Interest Group Update

The Inpatient Special Interest Group was launched last year to support clinical work and research related to inpatient settings. As part of this we want to empower clinicians to support their clients before, during, and after inpatient care. Inpatient care can be life-saving during times of crisis, but also has unique challenges for people with complex trauma and dissociation. Issues related to the psychiatric hospitalization of individuals with complex PTSD and dissociative disorders are complex and include experiences of institutional betrayal; retraumatization (e.g., through use of seclusion and restraints); the need to acclimate rapidly to and work constructively with hospital treatment providers who frequently know little about trauma and/or dissociation; setting expectations for hospital stays; difficult interactions with peers; and challenges with stepping down care. These are just some of the challenges!

Over the past year we have been developing a list of inpatient programs treating complex trauma and dissociation. We also gave a presentation at the ISSTD’s 2021 Virtual Conference about inpatient care for complex trauma and dissociation. We have been discussing additional tasks and goals, including opportunities to collaborate on presentations, papers, and research. We also welcome opportunities for clinical discussion involving cases in which inpatient treatment is being considered. 

Our SIG welcomes anyone with an interest in improving inpatient care to join our discussions and efforts, regardless of whether or not you work within an inpatient setting. If you are interested in joining the Inpatient SIG, please contact Diandra Hilton at