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Education and Research Fund: What is it & How has it Helped?

What is the fund and how can it help?

Did you know ISSTD offers a number of funding opportunities for research, projects and education? One of these funds is called the Research and Education Fund! The Research and Education fund was created to support the education, assessment, treatment, research and awareness of dissociative disorders. The fund will disperse one award of up to $10,000 annually. Past fund recipient, Antje A T S Reinders, states, “The Research and Education Fund from the ISSTD has made it possible to hire expertise needed to ensure methodological refined data-analyses of my brain imaging data-set. As such, this funding was a deciding factor between being able to publish my data or not. I am therefore hugely grateful for the ISSTD to offer this life-line that has enabled the publication of a working-memory dataset and the inter-identity amnesia study. ” You can view the newest publications that came from this funding here: and here:

Who should apply? 

ISSTD encourages licensed practitioners and researchers to apply for this fund for any current project that supports the mission and vision of ISSTD. All research must be relevant to our understanding, treatment and/or prevention of complex trauma and dissociation. Trauma-related pathological dissociation must be a central focus of the research. Proposals that only address complex trauma will not be considered. The fund will support a full range of methodological approaches including but not limited to biological/neurobiological/physiological mechanistic studies, survey-based methodologies, clinical trials, focus groups, qualitative/quantitative methodologies, and secondary data analysis.

This year’s application period will run August 15 – October 15, 2024 with final decisions on application being made by mid-December.

Learn more about the Research and Education Fund here. You can donate to any of ISSTD’s funds here.