Special Interest Groups

Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) SIG Update

ISSTD’s newest Special Interest Group, the Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) SIG, was launched in October 2023. The DBR SIG is for ISSTD members with an interest in learning, understanding and using DBR therapy in the treatment of complex trauma, dissociation, and dissociative disorders. The DBR SIG currently has over 60 members, and the executive committee consists of Cheri Yadon as Chair, Alexis Castle as Secretary, and Fern Banner as Moderator.

The DBR SIG’s focus is to provide a community supportive of DBR clinicians, researchers and those interested in DBR, by offering discussion and the dissemination of knowledge around the specifics pertaining to DBR within the ISSTD, and to work with ISSTD to support the education and training of clinicians worldwide who utilize DBR therapy in treatment.  

DBR is a trauma psychotherapy created by Dr. Frank Corrigan of Glasgow, Scotland. It aims to access and process traumatic experiences by tracking the original sequence of physiological responses that occurred when the deep brain had been alerted to a threat or an attachment disruption. This new and novel psychotherapeutic approach emphasizes the importance of tracking a distinctive neurophysiological sequence embedded in ‘deep brain’ systems. One of the most unique aspects of DBR as a trauma-focused therapy is the embodiment of a natural healing process that is consonant with the evolutionary process of the developing brain and nervous system.  Preliminary results of a clinical and neuroimaging study of DBR in London, Ontario, have been accepted for publication. *For those of you who may need more information, you can find out more about DBR here:

The 2024 dates for DBR SIG meetings are: March 22 at 5:15pm US Eastern Time (in-person at the annual conference), then June 23, September 29 and November 17 from 1:00-2:00pm US Eastern Time on Zoom.

Our SIG is open to new members. Any ISSTD members interested in joining the DBR SIG can contact the DBR SIG Secretary, Alexis Castle at