Committee Update

Committee Update: Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee has had an active year. We have worked on creating specific regular fundraising actions that will target each individual fund for the ISSTD. This is a practice that we will continue to expand upon during the next few years.

We have created a letter writing campaign that addresses the need to collect fees for the General Fund that works to make many aspects of ISSTD function. Having 100 percent board participation is helpful in order to potentially move forward with outside grant options.

We were able to raise $1,700 on the raffle at the annual conference for the Fridley Fund and the Caul Fund thanks to ISSTD Members.

We have been working to change the Education and Research Fund to be the Research and Education Fund in order to highlight research. In order to further support research we will be working to find ways to increase grant allowances for research projects with support from the Research Committee.

We are continually working on increasing wider fundraising efforts through gaining testimonials from folks who received grants from The ISSTD in order to gain more potential donations from a global donation

As always, a really easy way to donate to The ISSTD is to simply utilize Amazon Smile. This will ensure that Amazon will donate a portion of each Amazon purchase that you make towards The ISSTD which can add up to thousands of dollars per year over time.

We would love to have your energy. If you have ideas about raising funds to enhance the ISSTD in a variety of areas and are interested in joining a fun team within The ISSTD, please contact Catherine “Katie” Keech at