Member Benefit Monthly

Discounted and Free Content for ISSTD Members in the Center for Advanced Studies!

Did you know that as an ISSTD member you have access to free and discounted training in the Center for Advanced Studies (CFAS)? Continue reading to learn more about how to access free-to-member courses and ensure you are receiving the lowest discount price when registering! 

All recorded webinars over three years old in CFAS are free for members to watch. These recorded webinars, while typically no longer eligible for professional CE credits, are still available for ISSTD Certificate Program credit. You can confirm how many credits they are worth on the course page. These webinars include but are not limited to individual webinars such as, “Mentalizing, Mindfulness and the Body in Chronic Traumatization.”   There are also past conference days and webinar passes included such as, “How to Use the Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule,”Impacts of Societal Trauma in Marginalized Communities (2020 Virtual Conference),” and, “2018 Webinars.

View more free webinars available here!

Three Simple Steps to Access Free to Member Recorded Webinars

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll over ”Catalog” and select, “Course Card Catalog”
  3. On the right side below, “Refine by,” and “Category,” select “Free to Members.”

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How to create an account and receive your member discount!

If you are trying to log in to to enroll in your first course, (We are happy to have you!) you will need to create a NEW account as the Center for Advanced Studies (CFAS) system is separate from your ISSTD membership account. Please follow the instructions below to create your account on the site. 

To create your account please complete the following steps.

  1. Visit and navigate to “Register” on the top right of the page
  2. Complete all required information to create your account (TIP: use the same login email and password as your Membership/ISSTDWorld Account to make remembering logins easy!)
  3. After completing all required information and entering the CAPTCHA click the button that says “Create new account”
  4. After creating your account you will receive an email with a link to create your password

IMPORTANT: Your account will not immediately show member pricing. This is something ISSTD Staff must go in and manually update. Therefore, it can take up to 48 business hours to see pricing updated.

Please do not register for any trainings if you do not see the membership pricing (this will be zero cost for webinars published in 2020 or earlier and a reduced cost for any other webinars or recorded content) as refunds cannot be issued.

If it has been over 48 business hours (9am to 5pm US ET, Monday thru Friday) since you have created your account, please email as we want to ensure you are receiving the correct pricing for courses. 

Thank you and Happy Learning!