Month: December 2023

Letter From The President

2023 Holiday Message

Michael Salter – 2023 ISSTD PresidentWe’ve reached the close of 2024 and, as always, I’m struck by the tireless work of our members who are serving survivors of abuse, trauma and violence. This year, like all years, has been rife with interpersonal and political conflict that will draw on huge reservoirs of care and support […]

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use – December, 2023

A ‘Must Have’ Guide to the Assessment of Dissociation ISSTD Fellow Dr Bethany Brand has written an essential guide to the assessment of trauma related dissociation, The Concise Guide to the Assessment and Treatment of Trauma-Related Dissociation. This book provides an overview of trauma-related dissociation, issues around misdiagnosis, methods for assessment, and guidance on treatment […]

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In Memoriam

Honoring Those Who Have Passed.

ISSTD is a warm and caring professional community, a community where members come together through a shared clinical interest, but often find friendship and a professional ‘family’ among each other. So it is with great sadness that we acknowledge three wonderful members who passed away this year. They were all women who were actively involved […]

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Publications of Interest

Trauma, Autism and ADHD

Publications of Interest is our quarterly column where we present a summary of recent articles on a topic of interest to our members. This quarter we have a new volunteer coordinator of this column, Charlotte Creasey. We welcome Charlotte (pictured below). Charlotte is a student member, and when asked to introduce herself had the following […]

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Regional Online Communities

Southern ROC Membership Update

This Regional Online Community (ROC) was approved by the ISSTD board in 2022. The purpose of this ROC is to increase the presence of ISSTD in the Southern region of the United States, to create collaboration and community amongst therapists who work with complex trauma and dissociation, to create a venue for additional training and […]

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Virtual Book Club

Virtual Book Club Membership Update

The Virtual Book Club (VBC) has been in operation since 2014. It was the brainchild of Lynette Danylchuk which I was invited to adopt from the beginning and have had many others’ help along the way. The VBC’s mission is to bring both scientific and clinical literature in the field of trauma and dissociation to […]

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