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2023 Psychodynamics-Psychoanalytic Virtual Seminar

ISSTD is excited to announce our 2023 Psychodynamics-Psychoanalytic Virtual Seminar featuring presenters Ira Brenner, Charis Cladouhos, Elizabeth Howell, Shelly Itzkowitz, Rick Kluft, John O’Neil, Adah Sachs, and Valerie Sinason

This two-day virtual seminar will challenge the either/or qualities of many trauma-relevant approaches and paradigms and demonstrate how psychoanalytic perspectives can enrich and empower our therapeutic efforts. We will explore the constructive perspectives that emerge from an alternative both/and stance, choosing to understand, reconcile, and work around differences, permitting clinicians to mobilize the power of divergent models and contributions on behalf of the therapeutic needs of individual patients.

The seminar will address a number of difficult topics. These include reviewing the role of instinct theory in trauma treatment, rethinking sexuality and the Oedipal complex in the treatment of the traumatized, the value of new ancillary psychedelic modalities, the underappreciated contributions of Bowlby, Fairbairn, and Ferenczi, and Bion, and returning ideas and approaches discarded by Freud to the mainstream of clinical work.


Day One: November 17, 2023 | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM US Eastern Time

  • Dissociative Multiplicity and Psychoanalysis (O’Neil)
  • Oedipus Rex and Dissociated Sex – Rethinking the Myth and Other Cherished Psychoanalytic Principles (Brenner)
  • The Buried Treasures of Fairbairn and Ferenczi: Their Relevance to Current Practice and Sociocultural Life (Howell)
  • Sandor Ferenczi and the Interpersonal and Relational Psychoanalytic Models of Mind (Itzkowitz)

Day Two: November 18, 2023 | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM US Eastern Time

  • Gifts from Psychoanalysis: Freud’s Disavowal, Bowlby’s Turmoil, and Bion’s “Mystic in the Group” (Sinason)
  • Between Pleasure, Destruction and Protection: Instinct Theories in Treating Trauma and Dissociation (Sachs)
  • Psychoanalysis and Psychedelic Medicine: Tempering the Overwhelming and the Unbearable in the psychoanalytic Treatment of trauma and Dissociation in Children and Adults (Cladouhos)
  • Recycling Freud’s Discards: Workarounds Toward Enhancing Skills for the Psychodynamic Treatment of DID (Kluft)

Registration for this event includes access to the live event and exclusive access to the recordings for at least 60 days following the event. 

CE credits are available for this event for an additional fee for live attendance only. Participants attending the full conference will receive 12 APA and ASWB continuing education credits and 12 ISSTD Certificate Program credits.

Early bird registration for this event ends October 17, 2023. Discounts are available to students, emerging professionals, participants in Tier II-IV countries or groups of five or more. Visit the conference registration page to learn more about each presentation and to view additional registration details.