Month: July 2018

News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Re-launch of Popular Attachment Journal In news that will bring relief to many of its fans, Attachment: New Directions In Psychotherapy and Relational Psychoanalysis is once more up and running, with the first new edition due out in August. Attachment, edited by ISSTD member Orit Badouk-Epstein, and produced by the Bowlby Centre in London, has […]

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Regional Conferences

Regional Conference Recap: Chester, UK

In June this year ISSTD and UK-based CTC Psychological Services joined forced to celebrate ISSTD’s 35th anniversary and CTC’s 30th anniversaries by holding a joint conference, in Chester UK. The conference focused on the topic of Developmental Trauma and Dissociation, whilst also promoting the UK Government strategy of child mental health. The conference was held […]

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Retired . . . but Still a Member

Members of ISSTD who retire are still able to enjoy connection with colleagues working in the field of trauma and dissociation, through the ISSTD Retired Membership category. The Retired Membership is open to members who have retired from active practice or research. To be eligible for Retired Membership, the member must be at least 65 […]

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Special Interest Groups

Ritual Abuse, Mind Control and Organised Abuse: Examining our History and Looking Forward

I was a teenager when ritual abuse was first reported in Australia. A series of newspaper articles in the mid-1990s claimed that women were entering psychotherapy only to ‘recover’ memories of grotesque and improbable abuse. The general thrust of coverage was that the movement against child abuse had gone too far, and that therapists and […]

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Creative Space

Self Care and the Therapist

How do you take care of yourself as a therapist to prevent burnout and bring the best version of yourself to each therapeutic encounter? Bringing the mind to rest, to pause, to fallow is important. Creating an intentional rest time also allows for new ideas to sprout. We need to fallow. One of the ways […]

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Community Spotlight

Communications and Marketing Committee

We hope that everybody in the northern hemisphere is having a good summer, while those in the south are surviving their winter. The Communication and Marketing Committee is getting ready for what looks to be one of the most exciting years in ISSTD history. We are, for the first time, going to be having our […]

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Members Clinical Corner

MCC Commentary: Ruth Blizard

For this edition of MCC, Ruth Blizard discusses a challenging conceptualisation and topic in her commentary on the paper `Weaponized sex: Defensive pseudo-erotic aggression in the service of safety’ by Rick Kluft (JTD, 18, 3, 259-283). Pam Stavropoulos Editor, MCC Richard Kluft’s (2017) article, “Weaponized sex: Defensive pseudo-erotic aggression in the service of safety,” offers […]

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