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Letter From The President

On Responding to the Need for Greater Diversity within ISSTD

Kevin Connors, MS, MFT

One of the important events at our annual conference is the “Town Hall Meeting”.
This is an opportunity for everyone attending to comment on the state of our Society and the field of traumatology in general. This is an opportunity to comment on where we are going and where we would like to be.

This year’s Town Hall Meeting presented a sobering observation with respect to the lack of diversity within our Society.

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Welcome ISSTD New Members! (April)

Emily Aber
Pamela Alexander
Dorothy Ashman
Amy Champoux
Elaine Ducharme
Catherine Egan
Beth Ehrisman
Rebecca Goldberg
Sarah Heil-Brenny
Jeffrey Hill
Lori Hollingsworth
Colin Howard
Gina Manlove
Jacquelyn McDonald
Tracy Muklewicz
Georgian Mustata
Linda Naef
Diana Newberry
Sherri Paulson
Sarah Schlote
Meg Waurick
Susan Wulff
Michelle Brilee
Courtenay M Crucil
Marian Crowley
Lisa Panisch
David Rickman
Darwin Rodriguez
Jessica Spigner
Gina Vanderham
Katherine Yeutter

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Kid's Korner

“As a criminologist studying child sexual abuse, I sometimes feel like I live in the ‘upside down’.”

Dr. Michael Salter

As a criminologist studying organised child sexual abuse, I sometimes feel like I live in the ‘upside down’, the shadow world parallel to our own in the TV series Stranger Things. In the TV series, the ‘upside down’ looks like our own world, but darker and filled with unpredictable terror. Kids disappear into it sometimes, and occasionally something awful slips out of it to disrupt our brighter universe. For the most part, people would prefer not to admit it exists.

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Creative Space

Creative Space: A Place for our Creative Selves

Noula Diamantopoulos, Editor

I welcome you to this new part of our newsletter – a creative inclusion to act as an interlude perhaps, a breathing space to share the creations of our imagination – retrieving the light within the dark unconscious creative self, for the sharing makes it brighter.

To express ourselves in ways that defy rational appraisal is the gift of the creative process. It is the soul of our work, it is the humanity of the way we see another, it is the breathful way of holding space, of following another’s not knowingness, of loving non judgmentally.

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2018 Annual Conference

Annual Conference Highlights: ASCH Pre-Conference Training

By Reinhild Draeger-Muenke, PsyD, ASCH Trainer

The ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) approved 20- hour training in clinical hypnosis has by now become a regular and expected feature at the ISSTD annual meeting. Several fundamental and intermediate trainings have been offered in the form of 3-day pre-conference workshops at the past several annual meetings, and interest and attendance have steadily increased, to the point that for the 2018 meeting not all applicants could be accommodated.

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Focus on ISSTD History

Reminiscence from the UK: 30 years on

Dr Jeanie McIntee, Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist & Psychotherapist
CTC Psychological Services, Chester UK

ISSTD in the UK: A History
My interest in Trauma and Dissociation began more than 33 years ago. Like most people I did not seek it out. I had a client whom I knew was quite complex and I had engaged a very experienced supervisor because of this. One night, in supervision, he suggested my client may have Multiple Personality Disorder (now more aptly called Dissociative Identity Disorder).

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Committee Spotlight

Child and Adolescent Special Interest Group

Na’ama Yehuda, C&A SIG Chair

The Child and Adolescent Special Interest Group (C&A SIG) was formed several years ago by a group of ISSTD members who work with children and adolescents. The C&A SIG grew since its conception, and currently includes over 60 members who work with traumatized and dissociative children and adolescents all around the world. An email list-serve dedicated to the C&A SIG allows group members to share resources and referrals, ask clinical questions, and brainstorm about the field.

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Committee Spotlight

Child and Adolescent Committee

Na’ama Yehuda, C&A Committee Co-Chair

The ISSTD Child & Adolescent Committee, which is currently chaired by Fran Waters and Na’ama Yehuda, began as a taskforce led by Fran Waters and Joy Silberg, and became a committee as the awareness of the importance and relevance of childhood dissociation to the field became evident. Committee members hail from four continents and membership countries include: Argentina, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.

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Clinical E-Journal

JTD and Frontiers Table of Contents (April 2018)

Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

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Table of Contents
Volume 19, Issue 1
Volume 19, Issue 2
Volume 19, Issue 3
Volume 19, Issue 4
Volume 18, Issue 5

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To set up a quick and each way to get a ‘new content alerts’ for JTD, go to the JTD page at Taylor & Francis and click the ‘Alert me’ button under the graphic of the JTD.

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Committee Spotlight

ISSTD Scientific Committee

Vedat Sar, MD, Committee Chair

The ISSTD Scientific Committee was formed in 2012. The larger ISSTD Scientific Advisory Board was also formed to support the Scientific Committee during that same year. By way of some history – a precursor of this Committee was the former Internationalization Committee. Several members of this Committee joined the Scientific Committee or the Advisory Board. Some of them have subsequently been elected to the ISSTD Board. Hence, the efforts of these people and the Scientific Committee have served the long term ISSTD goal of becoming a truly international/global organization.

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