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Letter From The President

Welcome Home Travelers

Kevin Connors, MS, MFT

Gooood Mornnnning ISSTD!

Welcoming in the changes as we move into 2018, I would like to acknowledge all that has been done for us by our former Board members Warwick Middleton, Christa Krüger and Michael Dadson. They leave behind big shoes to fill. Luckily we have a great crop of new Board members in Lisa Danylchuk, Dana Ross, and Michael Salter; bringing with them energy, insights, and fresh ideas.

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Trauma & Dissociation in the News

Congratulations to Kathryn Livingston on Winning Prestigious Award

Melanie Goodwin, in consultation with Sue Richardson and Remy Aquarone

Kathryn Livingston, a long-term member of the ISSTD, has been awarded the prestigious British Empire Medal in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List for her ‘Services to people with dissociative identity disorder and founder of First Person Plural’. This award is for ‘meritorious service worthy of recognition by the Crown’ and is an extremely important recognition of Kathryn, and through her, trauma and dissociation work in the UK.

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

ISSTD Board Member Wins Award for Research into Organised Abuse

Dr Michael Salter, ISSTD Board member and current Chair of the ISSTD Ritual Abuse/Mind Control/Organised Abuse (RAMCOA) Special Interest Group, has been awarded the People’s Choice Award at the annual Research Impact Competition at Western Sydney University, Australia, in 2017. The annual Research Impact Competition is an initiative to celebrate research undertaken across the University.

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Committee Spotlight

A New Website for ISSTD? Website Committee Update

D Michael Coy, ISSTD Webmaster and Treasurer

A year on from taking on responsibility for guiding the ongoing development of ISSTD’s website, and at ISSTD News editor Kate McMaugh’s invitation, I’d like to share with you where the website has been, where it is now, and where it’s going.

When I volunteered to become ‘Website Committee Chair’, I already had in my back pocket some hard-earned experience with websites—both my own, in different iterations over the years, and others’.

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Understanding the Benefits of ISSTD Membership

As a valued member of ISSTD, we want to make sure you are making the most of your membership and are aware of the full range of benefits available to you. Over the course of 2018, we will be sending an email on the third Monday of each month highlighting and explaining all of your ISSTD Member Benefits and how to access them.

These will include information about the following:

How to Use the Conference Website
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Clinical E-Journal

JTD and Frontiers Table of Contents (January 2018)

Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

Check out the entire library online of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation – your member benefit – now!

Table of Contents

Volume 19, Issue 1
Volume 18, Issue 2
Volume 18, Issue 3
Volume 18, Issue 4
Volume 18, Issue 5

Are you interested in auto publication alerts?
To set up a quick and each way to get a ‘new content alerts’ for JTD, go to the JTD page at Taylor & Francis and click the ‘Alert me’ button under the graphic of the JTD.

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2018 Annual Conference

Connect with Colleagues at the 2018 ISSTD Annual Conference​

Abigail Percifield, ISSTD Conference Committee

ISSTD’s Annual Conference is filled with opportunities to deepen one’s understanding of the complex impact of trauma and learn cutting-edge training techniques. What is perhaps even more valuable, however, is the opportunity to socialize not only with your peers, but with luminaries in the field. ISSTD sets itself apart from other conferences in the way they provide attendees with specific activities throughout the event designed for this exact purpose.

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Committee Spotlight

Exciting New Webinar Training from ISSTD

Marilyn Korzekwa, Chair, Webinar Committee

As you may be aware ISSTD offers a range of webinars throughout the year, enabling people from all over the world to access cutting edge training in the skills necessary to work with complex trauma and dissociative disorders. These webinars provide an easy and affordable way to stay up to date. In addition, ISSTD members, students and emerging professionals get a discount on multi-session Webinars.

For the first time, in 2018 ISSTD is offering an ISSTD Webinar Pass for the whole year, enabling members to access all the webinars for one set price.

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Kid's Korner

Helping Dissociative Children Develop Self Reflection

Sandra Baita, PsyD

Five year old Luke was referred to therapy by his kindergarten teacher due to his disruptive behavior in the classroom and his constant refusal to follow rules. When I asked him what had happened at school before coming to see me, he was perfectly capable of giving a narrative of the facts. When I asked whether he knew what had caused him to behave in such a way, he said in a very confident manner: “When I´m bored I feel kind of a monster inside my chest that wants to come out and get some fun.

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