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Letter From The President

A Holiday Message From Your Presidents – Past, Present, and Future

On Tuesday (New Zealand time) December 12th, the Executive Committee of the ISSTD had its last meeting of the year (barring any emergencies!!). Our Secretary, Bob Slater, had a foot of snow outside his upstate New York office. Christine Forner, our current treasurer and next year’s President-Elect, was hunkered down in Calgary with many layers of clothing on. Our Executive Director, Mary Pat Hanlin, was feeling the chill in Virginia. Kevin Connors, our current President-Elect, was sitting outside in Southern California enjoying the midday winter heat.

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Donate to ISSTD

Thank You to Our 2017 Donors!

General Fund
Diane Adlestein
Letizia Adorno
Theresa Albini
Joy Anasta
Kathy Barclay
Elizabeth S. Bowman
Thomas G. Carlton
Therese Clemens
Juliana Cocola
Coral Compagnoni
Lawrence Compagnoni
Adrian J. Connolly
Kevin Connors
Christine A. Courtois
D Michael Coy
Michael R. Dadson
Lynette Schwarz Danylchuk
Charme S. Davidson
Garrett Deckel
Marilyn Dodd
Martin J. Dorahy
Rochelle Epstein
J.A. (Jan) Ewing
Brad Foote
Christine Colette Forner
Kara Fowler
Virginia S Frazier
Heather Genovese
Janice Goldman
Jean Goodwin
Richard Greenfield
Joan Haliburn
Heather M Hall
Mary Hanlin
Yuichi Hattori
Kim Havenner
Shielagh Shusta Hochberg
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Welcome ISSTD New Members – December 2017

Roby Abeles
Yenys Castillo
Anne Dietrich
Lisa Gilbert
Norma Howes
Carrie Hunter
Dalal Musa
Scott Petersen
Joanna Razo
Ginger Rhodes
Nancy Rubin
Karen Schrock
Sandy Sela-Smith
Sheree Violon
Mark Wade
Sarah Watt
Michael Brown
Karri Lewis
Geraldine Mapel
Serenity Sersecian

Jessica Culp
Sonja Garrett
Denesia Huttula
Ricardo Kriete
Deborah Mikita
Jennifer Silva

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News You Can Use

Trauma Sensitive Fiction for Teens

Kate McMaugh, ISSTD News Editor

ISSTD Member Na’ama Yehuda has recently published a new book for children: Apples in Applath. This is Na’ama’s fourth book and her third work of fiction.
Apples in Applath is geared to teens and young adults (it is generally appropriate for children over 12 years of age). It tells the story of 12 year old Marcus who lost his parents as a baby, his grandma at age nine and his freedom at ten.

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2018 Annual Conference

Annual Conference Preliminary Schedule

The online Conference Program for the ISSTD 35th Annual Conference is now available! Take a look at all of the amazing training opportunities and register to join us in Chicago in March!

To view the complete online program, click here!

For more information on Pre-Conference Workshops, Chicago attractions, and hotel and travel information, take a look at our Conference Website!

Early Bird Prices are available until 15 February 2018!

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Publications of Interest

Publications of Interest

Dear Colleagues

This quarter our Publications of Interest focuses on the role of shame in trauma and dissociation. Within this broad theme we bring you six articles which we hope you will find interesting.

You may notice, I am not the POI Editor. We are still looking for a new POI Editor. So, if you like new information on treatment and science, if you hang out to read the latest articles, this job is for you, and is an interesting and relatively easy way to contribute to ISSTD.

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Trauma & Dissociation in the News

35th Meeting of the Interpol Specialists Group on Crimes Against Children – Lyon, France 13-17 Nov 2017

Dr. Michael Salter, PhD

I recently attended the annual meeting of the Interpol working group on crimes against children, which brings together police, non-government organisations and others from around the world to share their experience and developments in the prevention, investigation, prosecution and management of child abuse. The efforts of the Specialists Group have increasingly turned to online child sexual exploitation and the disruption of child abuse material. I was asked to attend and present a seminar based on my research on adult survivors of organized child sexual abuse.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe – Chair of Social Media Sub-Committee

Tell us a bit about yourself
I think I have been a wanderer, though not lost. I took many backdoor routes on this journey of learning, exploring and working with Trauma and Dissociation. I got my first exposure to the realm of trauma and dissociation through personal experience. Then later, as a student psychiatric nurse aged 19 years old, I was posted to a male maximum security ward and assigned to complete court-ordered assessments on men with mental illness who came into conflict with the law.

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