Monthly Archives: November 2017

Letter From The President

Reflections and Transistions

Martin Dorahy, PhD

Endings bring the opportunity for reflection, and as 2017 moves to an end, we may each begin to reflect on events and changes over the past 12 months in the world, in our own private and professional lives, and in the ISSTD.

At the full day, in person meeting in March, the Board adopted the idea that in our considerations and deliberations, we need to protect against our enthusiasm clouding our vision and our fear stopping our progress.

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Welcome ISSTD New Members – November 2017

Ms. Jennifer Lois Barbieri
Jessica Campbell
Jean S Cannon
Dr. Irina V Diyankova
Holli Richey
Mark Sideman
Rebecca Szymanski, MA
Dr. Rhett K Brandt
Ms. Alexis K Brown
Dr. Nicole D. Christiansen, MD
Dr. Rebecca Ann Golding
Alison Hernandez
Mrs. Jillian Hosey
Sandi Plant
Dr. Susan Pollard
Edith Resnik
Ms. Eleanor Gloria Rosenzweig, LCSW
Christine Rothberg
Sandra Shuleshko

Ben Adams
Jennifer Copeland
Dr. Lauren A. M. Lebois

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Board Briefs

The Latest News from Your Board

Willa Wertheimer, Psy.D

As a first-term board member, I have been amazed at all the goings on behind the scenes. The ISSTD Board is a busy group of people who meet every month for 90 minutes, to oversee the activities of the Society and drive many projects to help our Society grow and develop. This quarter has been thrilling, with many new developments ongoing.

The Board has been overseeing our growing conference program and planning well-ahead for a busy schedule.

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Trauma & Dissociation in the News

Trauma, Memory and Human Dignity

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) is the oldest organization supporting and educating therapists, researchers, and other professionals in dealing with complex psychological trauma in the world. Over the last century, the subject of psychological trauma, especially in the form of child abuse and neglect, and the sequelae on its victims, has been controversial. Yet, in the last 25 years there has been an increased research and medical evidence base on how such trauma has significant and sometimes catastrophic impacts on the physical, emotional and psychological health of its victims.

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Committee Spotlight

Professional Training Program

Su Baker, MEd

Professional Training Program Leadership Reflects on its Past and Paints an Exciting Picture for Future Training in ISSTD
Back in 2000, our Society’s then president, John Curtis, MD, initiated the “Education 2000” project, in an effort to broaden the education mandate of the ISSTD (then the ISSD). Elizabeth Bowman, MD generously donated her curriculum for training psychiatric residents in Dissociative Disorders. This curriculum became the basis for the first course of the newly minted DDPTP (Dissociative Disorders Psychotherapy Training Program), designed by Richard Chefetz, MD.

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2018 Annual Conference

Annual Conference Update – Plenary Speakers

Ken Benau, PhD

For those of you able to attend the upcoming annual ISST-D conference in Chicago, Illinois, March 24-26, you are in for a real treat with respect to our plenary speakers. With Robert Neimeyer, Ph.D., Edward Tick, Ph.D., and Donna Hicks, Ph.D., we will explore death, grief and trauma (Neimeyer), warrior trauma, moral injury and the soul (Tick), and how dignity informs our understanding of individual and collective conflict and healing (Hicks).

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News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Kate McMaugh ISSTD News Editor

Volume 3 of Ellert Nijenhuis’s Trinity of Trauma Now Available

World renowned trauma expert and ISSTD member, Ellert Nijenhuis completes his epic three volume “Trinity of Trauma” with volume three: The Trinity of Trauma: Ignorance, Fragility, and Control, Part III: Enactive Trauma Therapy.

This recently released book provides the treatment focus to the trinity and is a must-read for any clinician interested in healing trauma.

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International Spotlight

ISSTD Spotlight on Australia

Professor Warwick Middleton, ISSTD Immediate Past President

Of all current Australian members of the ISSTD, when I last checked, it seemed that I had been a continuous Society member for longer than anyone else bar one, which does tend to position one as an active participant in the field in this country, before there really was one.

Whilst there had been the occasional case report or anecdotal reference to Multiple Personality Disorder in the Australian medical literature, there had been no systematic research here into dissociative disorders until the early nineties.

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