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My Therapy Journal Offers Creative Support to Clients

Do you have clients that forget their ‘homework’? Forget the entire session? Do you have clients who earnestly take notes in therapy, or collect your handouts, only to lose them somewhere that week? If so, ISSTD Member Dr Neva Shebini, Consultant Psychiatrist, has developed a therapy journal that may offer your clients a solution.

My Therapy Journal is especially designed for anyone who is on a journey of healing. It is a beautifully designed journal and a practical, mindful tool. The journal can be used to keep a record of therapy sessions, whether they are medical, psychological or holistic. It can also be used in conjunction with other healing activities such as yoga classes, mindfulness trainings, health retreats and online wellbeing webinars and courses.

My Therapy Journal has an easy-to-follow format and a client can complete it during a therapy session, or afterwards in their own time. It is designed as a memory aid and includes sections for reflection, planning, and gratitude. Finally, adding a beautiful, creative focus, My Therapy Journal also has a selection of beautiful hand-drawn illustrations for mindful coloring and a Doodle Corner for free-hand drawings.

The journal is available from the publishers

And also from many online book shops including Booktopia:

The journal is also available directly through the author – details are:

Dr Neva Shebini at

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