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Donations Help ISSTD Complete Major Projects

Thank you to everyone who donated to ISSTD in 2017-2018 as part of our 35 for the 35th Donation Campaign. Through the generous donations of more than 100 individuals, we were able to raise $21,826.80 towards our $35,000 goal. While we did not meet our overall goal, these funds enabled us to complete a number of new projects including:

  • Introduction of the redesigned ISSTD website, including an update to our branding;
  • Launch of the ISSTDWorld platform where members can now access member resources, update their Find-a-Therapist listing and participate in community discussions, all in one location;
  • Increase of the number of online educational offerings including webinars and teleseminar courses;
  • Capture of slides and audio for a limited number of conference presentations which will be available individually and in packages for purchase with continuing education credits;
  • Development of additional content specifically for students and emerging professionals, including a conference track for psychiatric residents; and
  • Reduced pricing for students and emerging professionals for webinars.

While the 35 for the 35th Donation Campaign has concluded, we hope that you will consider a donation to the ISSTD General Fund in 2019 so that we can continue to expand our member and public resources.

Thank You to Our 2019 Donors
(as of June 30, 2019)

  • Theresa Albini
  • Orit Badouk Epstein
  • Kathy Barclay
  • Jemima Bem
  • Marcus Bem
  • Dee Blinka
  • Valerie Bryant
  • Thomas G. Carlton
  • Juliana Cocola
  • Frank Corrigan
  • Christine A. Courtois
  • D. Michael Coy
  • Lynn Crook
  • Faith Curtin Koch
  • Anne David
  • Irina Diyankova
  • Paula Eagle
  • Robert Emond
  • Catia Fath
  • Eda Flores-Miranda
  • Wendy Forbush
  • Christine Forner
  • Sharon Green McLendon
  • Margaret Hainer
  • Mary Pat Hanlin
  • Kim Havenner
  • Linda Heaviside
  • Rick Hohfeler
  • Elizabeth Howell
  • Marta Illueca
  • Sheldon Itzkowitz
  • Terry Kerler
  • Deborah Korn
  • Marilyn Korzekwa
  • Andreas Laddis
  • Ulrich Lanius
  • Rebecca B Lee
  • Joselito Libres
  • Lori Lickstein
  • Warren Malach
  • Yael Margolin-Rice
  • Warwick Middleton
  • Sarah Mills
  • Joyce Morene
  • Randall O’Brien
  • Tanya Oleskowicz
  • Nancy Payne
  • Sarah Perkins
  • Valerie Pronovost
  • Katherine Quam
  • Michael Quinones
  • Herbert Jay Rosenfield
  • Bruce Ruekberg
  • Kris SantaMaria
  • Bart Schofield
  • Ruth M. Schofield
  • Valerie Sinason
  • Ann Smith
  • Gail Straw
  • Rocio Tharp
  • Onno van der Hart
  • Cynthia Wilson
  • Sowmya Yeturo
  • Anonymous
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