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Thank You to Our 2017 Donors! | ISSTD News Thank You to Our 2017 Donors! – ISSTD News

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Thank You to Our 2017 Donors!

General Fund
Diane Adlestein
Letizia Adorno
Theresa Albini
Joy Anasta
Kathy Barclay
Elizabeth S. Bowman
Thomas G. Carlton
Therese Clemens
Juliana Cocola
Coral Compagnoni
Lawrence Compagnoni
Adrian J. Connolly
Kevin Connors
Christine A. Courtois
D Michael Coy
Michael R. Dadson
Lynette Schwarz Danylchuk
Charme S. Davidson
Garrett Deckel
Marilyn Dodd
Martin J. Dorahy
Rochelle Epstein
J.A. (Jan) Ewing
Brad Foote
Christine Colette Forner
Kara Fowler
Virginia S Frazier
Heather Genovese
Janice Goldman
Jean Goodwin
Richard Greenfield
Joan Haliburn
Heather M Hall
Mary Hanlin
Yuichi Hattori
Kim Havenner
Shielagh Shusta Hochberg
Richard A. Hohfeler, III
Camille Hood
Elizabeth F. Howell
Heather Hruby
Shelley Hua
Maureen Hudak
Eileen Isaacson
Sheldon Itzkowitz
Mindy Jacobson-Levy
Jacqueline Kabak
Ashley Kemp
Christa Kruger
Andreas Laddis
Ulrich F Lanius
Rebecca B Lee
Barry Levy
Lisa Lewis
Johanna Lynch
Lindsay Malcolm
Kathleen M Martin
Peter A. Maves
Claire McCarthy
Luanne McKenna
Kate McMaugh
Warwick Middleton
Joyce Morene
Louis Moser
Robert T. Muller
Tanya Oleskowicz
Jean Penczar
Joan Petty
Gary Peterson
Louisa Bidwell Putnam
Michael Quinones
Ratna Ratna
Ruth Riding-Malon
Sereta Robinson
Patricia Rush
Adah Sachs
Bart Schofield
Ruth M. Schofield
Janice H Schultz
Stergios Skatharoudis
Robert Slater
Genine Smith
Sonia Smuts
Sylvia Solinski
Kirsten Stach
Janine Stevenson
Jessica Steyers
Rocio J Tharp
Marianna Thomas
Paula Thomson
Michelle To
Grace Tomas-Tolentino
Joan A. Turkus
Onno van der Hart
Victor W. Welzant
Willa Wertheimer
Wendy Whittington
P. Anne Winter
Roxanna Whitney Wolfe
ISSTD Clinical E-Journal Support
Paula Eagle
Sarah Krakauer
Andreas Laddis
Kate McMaugh
Dana Ross
Goodwin Fund


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