Website Development

Introducing the New ISSTD Website!

Dear ISSTD Members,

When I unwittingly volunteered to take on the role of Website Committee chair in January 2017, the committee had been dormant for quite a long while, and an evolution from our current website felt a bit like a pipe dream, as well as a seriously daunting task. Somehow, we got here-and we even arrived right on schedule (despite a variety of major challenges along the way) in the exact timeframe we promised back in early 2017.

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Committee Spotlight

A New Website for ISSTD? Website Committee Update

D Michael Coy, ISSTD Webmaster and Treasurer

A year on from taking on responsibility for guiding the ongoing development of ISSTD’s website, and at ISSTD News editor Kate McMaugh’s invitation, I’d like to share with you where the website has been, where it is now, and where it’s going.

When I volunteered to become ‘Website Committee Chair’, I already had in my back pocket some hard-earned experience with websites—both my own, in different iterations over the years, and others’.

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