Special Interest Groups

Working with TAY (Transitional Aged Youth) aka Emerging Adults

Catherine Keech, LMFT

After a recent promotional article in ISSTD News, I am really excited to announce that ISSTD is in the process of launching a Special Interest Group for members conducting therapy, research or training around the subject of Transitional Aged Youth (TAY). It is also a group that promotes discussion for those curious to learn more about this population and their specific needs.

The term TAY may not be familiar to all members.

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Special Interest Groups

Ritual Abuse, Mind Control and Organised Abuse (RAMCOA) SIG

Kate McMaugh and Michael Salter

The RAMCOA SIG is a special interest group for those members of ISSTD who research or provide clinical services to those affected by all forms of organised and extreme abuse.

With over 150 members this is a vibrant online meeting place where clinical and other relevant issues can be discussed in a supportive and safe manner. The SIG is supported by the Executive made up of Michael Salter (Chair), Alison Miller (past Chair), Susan Hykes (moderator), Rosita Cortizo (moderator-elect), Kate McMaugh (Secretary), Valerie Sinason (Chair elect) and Lynette Danylchuk (secretary elect).

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Special Interest Groups

Ritual Abuse, Mind Control and Organised Abuse: Examining our History and Looking Forward

Michael Salter, PhD

I was a teenager when ritual abuse was first reported in Australia. A series of newspaper articles in the mid-1990s claimed that women were entering psychotherapy only to ‘recover’ memories of grotesque and improbable abuse. The general thrust of coverage was that the movement against child abuse had gone too far, and that therapists and social workers were encouraging, and sometimes forcing, children and women to imagine abuse that had never happened.

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Even more SIGs being formed!

Kate McMaugh, Editor, ISSTD News

Just last month we brought you news of three new potential Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We now have two other SIGs being developed.

For those of you unaware of the role of SIGs in ISSTD, these groups provide ISSTD members with information and support targeted to specific areas within the trauma and dissociation field. Developed by members, for members, they are open to all ISSTD Members who share that interest.

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